Pointillism, Portraits, And Gene Wilder





Hello again, Folks! I’m back with a new series of paintings that I’m overwhelmingly excited about! (AHHHAHHHHHHAHHHHH I CAN’T CONTAIN MY JOY!!!!!!!!!!!) The Wilder Doctor, The Wilder Wonka, The Wilder Jim, and their merging in The Wilder Trifecta are my latest darlings in what I hope will be a long series of portraits. Though it was incredibly fun to paint Gene Wilder three times in a row, it was even more fun to experiment with a style that is very pointillism-inspired. As a kid I used to attempt to create my own pointillism masterpieces using crayola markers instead of paint. The result wasn’t a masterpiece, but the appreciation was definitely there.

This series has also spawned a desire to start creating postmortems about some of my larger projects and showing a few work-in-progress shots to demonstrate just how different my initial plan always is compared to the final result. Just making a gif of it wouldn’t do it justice (although a WIP gif is definitely going to happen). The postmortems will most likely be a new site feature on the blog I don’t yet have on the site that I currently love.

Until then, I hope you guys enjoy this trifecta until the next one appears!

"Chick & Bun" Begins Today!


My new (read: first) webcomic entitled “Chick & Bun" begins today and I couldn’t be more thrilled! It follows the life and times of Jo & B (the aforementioned Chick & Bun respectively) as they combat the forces of boredom, procrastination and poverty with video games, movies and friends that bring new meaning to "running the asylum". This will definitely be a new challenge for me creatively with the weekly schedule I plan on keeping for the updates, but I’m truly excited to just jump in and get this thing going. So happy I can finally share some of what I’ve been working on! Check them out on their own blog at chickandbun.com.


For all those interested in having a personalized piece of artwork created by me, I’m now selling digital portraits through my Etsy page. You send me an image of yourself, a friend, or even your pet, and I paint it to your liking! Check it out here.

Here’s some animated Moss-induced silliness w/ my “Street Countdown” design.

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This one was a long time coming, but Weeping Sparrow is now complete and available on tees & prints. Blink is absolutely one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes. It’s always the episode I use to bring in new Who watchers and it works everytime. Though the Doctor’s role is small, I love the way in which it treats him as a myth and a legend in the background of this smaller story of a girl and her run-in with the Weeping Angels. So this design stands as a tribute to my favorite episode of one of my favorite tv shows.

Random Thought

I think I’m going to start adding slight animation to some of my designs just for the fun of it. I tend to overanalyze animation (and by animation, I mean everything) to the point that just creating simple character movements for a game makes me nervous from frame one. If I start small and make my designs blink & twitch every so often it could serve as my immersion therapy. It could also prove to creep me out beyond belief, so fingers crossed!

Hi Hi Hi

Now that I’m back from New York Comic Con I can get back to work! Taking a break and heading up north for some fun as well as quality time with family & friends was lovely, but I’m really excited to get back to my in-development artstuffs. It’s going to be a busy holiday season, so I’m looking forward to showing you guys all of this newness that I’ve been working on in secret. Also a big welcome to the new followers I gained over the break. I hope you like what you see and stay around for all that future secret newness.


Didn’t bring this over to tumblr due to my excitement/sadness over Breaking Bad coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that my BB artwork has to stop! “A Clockwork Pinkman” is now available as a print on Society6 & as a tee on Redbubble. Apple & Android phone accessories & more are also up for sale on both sites. Pinkman, Pinkman, Pinkman…




"Kiddo" my Kill Bill/Akira mash-up is now available on RedBubble & Society6 in t-shirt and art print form respectively. Fun with Beatrix. 

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