Pointillism, Portraits, And Gene Wilder





Hello again, Folks! I’m back with a new series of paintings that I’m overwhelmingly excited about! (AHHHAHHHHHHAHHHHH I CAN’T CONTAIN MY JOY!!!!!!!!!!!) The Wilder Doctor, The Wilder Wonka, The Wilder Jim, and their merging in The Wilder Trifecta are my latest darlings in what I hope will be a long series of portraits. Though it was incredibly fun to paint Gene Wilder three times in a row, it was even more fun to experiment with a style that is very pointillism-inspired. As a kid I used to attempt to create my own pointillism masterpieces using crayola markers instead of paint. The result wasn’t a masterpiece, but the appreciation was definitely there.

This series has also spawned a desire to start creating postmortems about some of my larger projects and showing a few work-in-progress shots to demonstrate just how different my initial plan always is compared to the final result. Just making a gif of it wouldn’t do it justice (although a WIP gif is definitely going to happen). The postmortems will most likely be a new site feature on the blog I don’t yet have on the site that I currently love.

Until then, I hope you guys enjoy this trifecta until the next one appears!

"Chick & Bun" Begins Today!


My new (read: first) webcomic entitled “Chick & Bun" begins today and I couldn’t be more thrilled! It follows the life and times of Jo & B (the aforementioned Chick & Bun respectively) as they combat the forces of boredom, procrastination and poverty with video games, movies and friends that bring new meaning to "running the asylum". This will definitely be a new challenge for me creatively with the weekly schedule I plan on keeping for the updates, but I’m truly excited to just jump in and get this thing going. So happy I can finally share some of what I’ve been working on! Check them out on their own blog at chickandbun.com.


For all those interested in having a personalized piece of artwork created by me, I’m now selling digital portraits through my Etsy page. You send me an image of yourself, a friend, or even your pet, and I paint it to your liking! Check it out here.

Here’s some animated Moss-induced silliness w/ my “Street Countdown” design.

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This one was a long time coming, but Weeping Sparrow is now complete and available on tees & prints. Blink is absolutely one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes. It’s always the episode I use to bring in new Who watchers and it works everytime. Though the Doctor’s role is small, I love the way in which it treats him as a myth and a legend in the background of this smaller story of a girl and her run-in with the Weeping Angels. So this design stands as a tribute to my favorite episode of one of my favorite tv shows.

Random Thought

I think I’m going to start adding slight animation to some of my designs just for the fun of it. I tend to overanalyze animation (and by animation, I mean everything) to the point that just creating simple character movements for a game makes me nervous from frame one. If I start small and make my designs blink & twitch every so often it could serve as my immersion therapy. It could also prove to creep me out beyond belief, so fingers crossed!

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